This is my maiden video in an upcoming series on how to fight Candida, especially for those who are on pharmaceuticals that are changing the milieu in their body.  Benzodiazepine in particular destroys gut flora.

This is the first video I made post benzodiazepine discontinuation. I recorded this for the people in various Facebook support groups. I am frequently asked what my benzo story is. This is the most succinct version.


Bedridden Positivity

In May 2012  I was flattened with a nasty sinus infection that took me down for over 3 weeks.  It was a manifestation of a chronic systemic fungal infection that I had been fighting for over two years.  Here I reach out from my bed to share and inspire others who are stuck home sick.

The focus here is POSITIVITY…so Please SHARE this with someone you know who is suffering through chronic sickness like Lyme Disease or someone who just needs some support.

Please note, there are two separate videos that complete this post.


VIDEO 1 of 2

VIDEO 2 of 2