Its all about the SAUCE


Roasted Red Pepper Tahini Sauce


When you are on a limited diet to starve off candida and you are forbidden from eating sugar, grains, starchy vegetables, fruit, dairy and carbs in general it is challenging to find foods that satisfy your palate and appetite.  Personally, I am a lover of thick and creamy.  I grew up scooping ice cream at Cliffs Dairy Maid throughout high school. Hot fudge sundaes and a strong scooping forearm paid my way onto the NJ highways when I bought my first car.  However, over those three and half years many indulgent servings of creamy sweetness went into this teenager’s mouth.  That was my normal.

So when it comes to food now, I still crave the substantial texture of fat and I simply must have flavor.  If I am to eat tofu and chicken and kale and eggs and not much else, then it must be well seasoned and deliver a balanced profile of acid and salt.  I love using fresh herbs and always have some in my fridge.  But back to the sauce… because we must have it!

tahini4I have been whipping up spot on tahini sauce for some time and it is a staple in my diet.  Sometime I pour it on salad, other times I just dip veggies or even chicken in it.  I load it up with garlic to kill even more candida and to ensure that people in the elevator give me that strange look when they ask how I am and I open my mouth to answer.  It keeps for a long time in the fridge and all you have to do is take it out a little bit before serving to soften the consistency and warm it up to room temperature.  If you’re in a rush as I frequently am, you can plop some firmer spoonfuls onto your salad and then add some warm chicken on top of that and the tahini will soften and warm instantly.  Yum!!



Washed Fresh Parsley – a whole bunch of leaves snapped off the stems

3-5 pre-peeled Garlic Cloves – Keep your life simple and let the store peel these time consuming little suckers for you.

2 Roasted Red Peppers from a glass jar.

1/2 jar of Sesame Tahini paste

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice from 2 big lemons

Two big tablespoons of coconut oil – or even more.  Coconut oil kills candida too, so GO FOR IT!

Some water to thin the paste to your liking.

Copious amounts of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Turmeric and some red pepper or chili powder



Put the parsley and garlic in the food processor FIRST and tear it up.

Next add the peppers and puree.

Then add the tahini, lemon juice, coconut oil and water.

Season to taste and dip your finger into this goodness.

This sauce should last a week!!!

Pour it on everything!