Driving in New York City today
With a dying computer in the back of my car
I found myself looking up the ass of a big dirty dump truck
Moving way too slow for this fast paced woman

So I did what I do
I found a way to get in front
Timing plus precision
With a nice dose of cojones

The truth is
I’m aggressive
And I rocked at Tetris back when Nintendo first came out
So I like to maneuver my car in slick ways
Add some good loud music and this is exactly what I do
Because now I’m cooking with butter

A few blocks up I come to a stop
And the rhythm pauses
This is when it hits me
Like a high powered artillery milkshake
Some giganto processed coffee nastiness
Gets hammered into my car.

Creamy sheets of rage running down my windows
I’m sitting in a sticky Dunkin Donuts carwash of self-reflection.
Damn, Mr. Dump Truck driver, I’m kinda flattered
Usually its just the cabbies that flip me off.