ali1     “It was around 2 am on Oct 29th, 2007, that I received a distress call from my dear friend Heather Solimine.  Her younger sister was pronounced dead from a possible overdose.  To me, this marked the beginning, the birth of my friend Heather as she walked forward into the most challenging years of her life.  The change was imminent and powerful.  Who she was, seemed to have been discarded, and now it was time for her to step up and claim who she was to become.  From a spiritual awakening to multiple life-threatening health crisises, Heather was faced with re-creating everything she new about herself.  Heather always had this uncanny ability to explore something from every side, to see every possibility.  She also approaches life from a place of deep inquiry. She is not afraid to ask questions, and to ask difficult questions that are capable of digging into the truth.  I believe its these vital tools of exploration and questioning that saved her own life as she was faced with healing from Chronic Lyme Disease.  Over the many many years that we have been friends, I sit in awe and inspiration at the journey my friend has walked.  To witness her journey, one cannot help but find inspiration on your own path.”

Ali Alvarez – Blogger, Internet Marketer



“I love the writing on Steel Songbird so much so that I caught hell from my drinking buddies for reading at the bar.  Heather is my new favorite heroine. I can hardly believe she survived through her ordeals AND persevered.  I want to give her a hug right now.”

Manuel Romero – Writer



amy1     “I met Heather back in 1999 when we were both working in television production.  She was one of the Associate Producers and I remember her incredible researching and organizational skills.  During that time I was feeling really unwell often and had been feeling that way for some time.  Heather mentioned to me that it could be a “yeast issue.”   That sparked me to start doing research myself about it.  It all seemed to fit and Heather was a wealth of helpful information.  She gave me books to read and took me to the grocery store, walking me up and down each aisle, pointing out foods that were best for me.  She saved my life.

After one week of following a yeast reduction diet I started to feel completely different in a good way.  My sinus issues cleared up, my foggy brain disappeared, I started sleeping better and I had more energy.  However, this was a whole new world for me…trying to navigate what not to eat and how to eat, when I wanted to go out to a restaurant.  Heather was so supportive and encouraging every step of the way and I needed her because it was a very different way of thinking and eating for me.

Flash forward to 2009.  I get very sick and am diagnosed with tick borne disease, adrenal fatigue and food/chemical sensitivities.  Heather and I re-connect and strangely we are both suffering from the same type of illnesses.  We are living parallel lives and both trying to find some light in the darkness.  Once again, she is a fountain of information and I am daily impressed with her fortitude to defeat this horrible illness.  She sends me helpful emails full of information on supplements, doctors, diet, and web-sites to look at, all the while trying herself to get well.  She spends time on the phone with me encouraging me not to give up.  Heather is a force of nature and I would hire her in a second for any job because I know that she would get it done.  She is someone who, having her on my team, makes the hard things much, much easier. ”

 Amy Tiehel – Actress, Producer, Lyme Disease Patient



“Heather takes my breath away. So beautiful. Look at her spirit shining so bright… so much light!  That’s why every time I go to spell her name an L slips in there and it’s not like I don’t know how to spell her name but it always gets spelled this way…“Healther.”  And I always have to correct it!

 Debbie Anderson – Holistic Health Coach




“It goes without saying for anyone who has had the privilege of getting to know Heather that she is an exceptional person on a number of levels and possesses certain extraordinary gifts, so rarely found in the same abundance with which they have been imparted to her. I am blessed to know her and to be able to express how much of a positive impact she has had on my life.  Heather is one of the few people who I believe has a very good understanding of who I am, in all my own complexities, because Heather is one who is naturally able to read the nuances and dig deep into understanding people. She has a brilliant and open-minded perceptiveness, an extremely acute awareness and understanding of others, incredible compassion, an untiring and dynamic sense of spirituality and with her courageous fighting-spirit she also possesses a resilience for carrying on and exerting herself in doing absolutely whatever is necessary to heal which has kept her persisting throughout the darkest chapters in her life.

I have spoken with Heather while she has experienced some of her most debilitating, demoralizing, and excruciating symptoms of disease.  While I have always been saddened by the tremendous amount of pain she has had to suffer, more significantly I have been impressed by her unflagging resolve and ardent passion to overcome the worst of anguish against all odds, never relinquishing her steadfast determination to have victory over her own life.

I have an immense appreciation for her being instrumental to my own growth and self-awareness. When I speak with her our conversations flow with a depth and vitality I have perhaps never found with another person.  Heather has been a source of enormous support and comfort as I have gone through some of my most difficult periods of hopelessness and depression. She has always been able to relate to me and has constantly provided me with new alternatives for looking at my circumstances and working to realize my own happiness. With her perceptive acuity and unique ability to articulate her thoughts, Heather has illuminated many points of insight for me in a way that no one else I know can do and so she has become one of the most important people of whom I seek counsel.

With her eclectic depth of research, Heather has amassed a wide spectrum of resources for fighting hook, line, and sinker to regain and maintain health.  She will explore and exhaust any positive outlet that might be necessary on charting a path to recovery.  She is never short on ideas and formulas for making the best of a situation and propelling toward the achievement of a goal. Whatever role she may play in someone’s life, I believe anyone that knows her can attest to her special ability to imbue such a lasting impression on their life. Heather is a fascinating and versatile complexity, colored with many rich and intricate shades which escape any kind of simple description. I can say with all my heart that my relationship with her has been one of the most cherished and most enriching in my life. The world is more beautiful so long as this steel songbird keeps her song of hope and courage kindled with all the life she radiates—the song that radiates so brightly and colorfully through every life she touches.”

Daniel Pecheur – Teacher, Writer



“Heather is the biggest breath of fresh air. Her mind is deep.  Her soul is bright.  Her beauty cannot be compared.”

Alex Martinez – IT Manager, The Colbert Show



anthony     “I had the pleasure of meeting Heather in 2000 when she and I worked for the same television production company. I was immediately attracted to her energetic spirit. From the get-go, it was apparant not just to me but to everyone around, “Now here is a person who brings new energy and inspires motivation in others with her natural enthusiasm for all things unknown.” As a researcher, Heather had a knack for awakening the passion in others by inviting them to explore their beliefs and ideas. Her contribution sparked competitiveness as other researchers hoped to also achieve high levels of trust, even among those who were initially considered to be skeptical.

The healthcare industry is lucky to have gained Heather’s personal contribution to the field. You might not be surprised to know that long before becoming a health coach, Heather has touched the lives of many as someone who believes in the power of the patient. “I want to ‘encourage’ people and keep them motivated to carry on in their journey, said Heather in a recent conversation about her mission. And she understands the importance of keeping on top of recent advancements as she equips her clients with the tools necessary to overcome any ailment, one brave step at a time.

With her compassion, understanding and her vision of each client realizing their full potential, Heather incorporates the knowledge she has gained, both formally and informally, to tackle each condition specific to its cause, symptoms, prescribed treatment and diagnostic testing requirements. Every member of the patient’s care team plays a crucial role in his/her journey toward healing and better understanding. Nobody is alone in their quest for good health and well-being with the wellness partnership that is offered by Ms. Solimine.

I consider myself very fortunate for the moral support Heather has given me. Each of our conversations leaves me with a sense of pride for the steps I have taken; empowered to take on the day and to live a life in which I control my disease, not the other way around. You too will feel empowered. I personally guarantee it.”

 Anthony Janelli – Volunteer, Crohn’s Disease Patient


“Lyme patients need to know what is going on in their treatment and need to be aware of the various alternatives – Heather’s knowledge helps one to navigate this corner of the world that can be intimidating, overwhelming and even frightening.  Hers talent for organization becomes evident right away.  She has a knack at putting the overlapping mazes of medication, supplements, diet and the various treatments that are such a part of dealing with Lyme Disease into a coherent map that eases much anxiety.  Along the way Heather is able to point out how disease affects one emotionally and spiritually and is able to offer viable suggestions to deal with these issues as well. Heather has helped me much.”

Steve Williams – Photographer, Lyme Disease Patient


“I stumbled upon your blog and was moved to write to you.  First of all, you have a poetically beautiful style of prose and I enjoyed reading your writing. Second of all, I am very familiar with the conditions you are recovering from because I have a very good friend who has been facing and recovering from a bunch of similar conditions such as Lyme, CFIDS with emotional grace and a spiritual strength just like you. The good thing to note is that she has been recovering quite well by taking care of her outlook and body; and if I may say, you have already embarked on the path of recovery because you are doing all the right things with your positive attitude and body. There may be tough days but the worst is in the past. Just remember that.  Wish you all the best.”